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Website Design

Website Design

Website Design

Chula Vista Marketing specializes in website design for companies locally and throughout the San Diego area. Rapid developments on the Internet allow for websites to be created with amazing vividness and functionality.  Almost anything is possible to help business owners run their companies more efficiently on the Internet with a proper website.

Website Design Planning

Website Design - PlanningWhen someone is interested in creating a website or wants to update there are several fundamental areas always covered:

Design – Creating a desired site that meets client expectations to successfully present the company online
Structure – Establish necessary functions so that client can operate and end user can easily navigate
Content – Furnish essential material (written and graphical) that visitor finds value in
Site Analytics & Optimization – Discuss factors to monitor site activity and be found online

Website Design Importance

Running Business OperationClients understand the importance of website design, but have little time and have to focus primarily on running their business. Even with professional assistance, building a website can often become challenging to stay on task as time and effort are not always readily available.  Fortunately, years of web site experience ensures that having a website necessary for every function will be fulfilled. A well planned and executed website design is necessary if one is going to get ahead in the digital economy.

Website Design Costs

Webdesign CostsIt is challenging to immediately come up with the costs of a website design.   The price of professional website design requires careful thought and planning.  Each client has customized needs as what they want their web site to do.  However, it would be relatively easy to get a straightforward web site designed with 5 pages that consist of a Home, About, Service, Gallery and Contact Page for about $650. Annual web hosting and a domain name will run an additional $135 yearly.  This type of website will look good and would be a great beginning site for someone just starting out.  Keep in mind that the client must supply all written and graphic content finished and ready to go.

Chula Vista Marketing has primarily transitioned to website development from traditional print advertising over the last few years.  We gladly provide a free online consultation to determine what is possible.  For clients needing more than a beginning website, a price is given after establishing what the project requirements are for the web site. Website design must be considered a necessary investment in money, time and effort in order to get any real results from potential clients.

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