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Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing has crested into prominence.  Originally designed to engage and unite visitors online through their interests, social media has gained the attention of marketers to draw business attention and increase website traffic.  The approach involves much more than just creating a few social networking sites like on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to then promote your business directly like on Google.  It requires a more subtle approach to winning people over to your side with value, participation, tenacity, charm and sense of community.

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Types of Social Media

Various forms of social media exists with many many types of sites that can be used to locate people that are relatively open to your product or service.  They can exist as a blog, video, picture, podcast, forum or other type of community driven content that is proliferating on the Internet. The basic classes for the types of social media are:

  • Social news: Sites like Reddit, Kirtsy, and Newsvine allows for the production of newsworthy blog content to be distributed online.
  • Social networks: Sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google +  are designed to keep people connected through shared interests and experiences.
  • Social bookmarking: Sites like Delicious, Furl, StumbleUpon and Diigo allow relevant sites to be categorized and saved through a bookmark.
  • Social video and picture sharing: Sites like YouTube and phenomenal rise of Pinterest allow for promotion from a visual perspective.

Social Media Marketing Creation

A successful Social Media Marketing presence involves the creation of an ongoing campaign across several targeted channels.  Regularly scheduled and informative content with links back to your website is submitted to designated social media sites.  Chances to being found online by relevant interested visitors is possible.  Information that is considered valuable has the option to be shared on the Internet to increase company visibility.  Over time, these strategic actions will give your website increased traffic.

Social Media Marketing is much like search engine optimization in the fact that it will require time, effort and patience. While extremely popular, it is also relatively a new channel to promote businesses online. Some have done well while others have not. It is an important decision to determine if the use of social media is right for your company.

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