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Local Internet Marketing

Local Internet Marketing

Implementing local internet marketing strategies to rank favorably in your local search area is absolutely necessary if your businesses is to gain the attention of potential customers that live and work nearby today.

Local Internet Marketing Statistics

Local Internet Marketing - Statistics88% of potential customers that have used local search for a business, telephoned or visited that business within one day
• 85% of potential customers are online first when trying to find a business around them
• 75% of searchers do not go beyond the results of the first page online
• 67% of searches begin on Google followed by Bing (18%), Yahoo (10%) and then others
50% of small businesses, still do not have a website design
• 25% of small business owners do not have a presence on the Internet

The escalating use of consumers turning to their mobile devices to find businesses nearby has established local internet marketing into a necessary requirement for favorable online success.

Chula Vista Marketing utilizes several effective proven local search strategies for small businesses to achieve desired and favorable ranking on Google, the dominating search engine used today.

Local Citations – Website Submissions

Local Internet Marketing - Local CitationsBusinesses contain elementary information; name, address, phone (often referred to as NAP in local search). This information along with website url, description of company, business category, social media links and other profile info is entered into or checked across websites like Bing, Yelp, Yellow Pages and other high value sites. The strategy is to alert these sites of the company’s existence. Once these listings have been successfully submitted, Google in turn will collect and process this information that can eventually show up within a local search result.

Testimonial Reviews

Testimonial ReviewsSeeing varied reviews across a starred rating scale is often a readily visible component about a business when searched online. Yet, getting testimonials and hard earned honest ones that remain are challenging. Generating online reviews from customers undoubtedly affects search results. Developing a great online reputation creates increased opportunity. Testimonials are garnered from satisfied consumers with an active online presence online to bolster local internet marketing efforts.

Establish Google My Business Page

Google My BusinessGoogle My Business is the official online profile that can be created for one’s company on the leading search engine. Supplying local citation info as written above while also adding pictures, videos and writing industry related posts regularly is crucial to ranking locally online for competitive industries. Read more about Google My Business here.

Additional responsibilities such as posts to relevant social media channels, monthly monitoring and competitive analysis ensure improved ranking in local search.

Many businesses have reached the capping point where referrals from loyal customers, promotional campaigns or execution of other internet methods like traditional SEO or blogging has enabled measurable levels of success, but does not positioned their business to amazing opportunities that lie nearby.

Local Internet Marketing - Small BusinessesDisplays in the search engine results page over the past few years have drastically changed. There was a time when being seen on the first page of Google required mass efforts devoted to organic seo and or costly budgets to pay per click advertising. The online landscape was almost the sole domain of large companies. The emergence of local internet marketing has changed all of this and small businesses have a great chance to capitalize on this.

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