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What Is Google My Business

What Is Google My Business

Google My Business - Chula Vista Marketing

Google My Business is in part a display of alphabetically ranked listings for local businesses on the most dominating search engine today. When someone begins looking on Google for a service, product or particular type of business, there are several designated areas on the page results where they can be found: Pay-Per-Click, Organic Search or Google My Business.

Google My Business - Mobile Phones TabletsGoogle My Business presents the company’s profile by displaying name, address, phone, website, brief description, pictures, video and other specialized info about the business for both potential customer and search engine. Companies want to be found on the first page of the search results through the aid of this platform, especially in regards to mobile search.

Going beyond the first page of Google is often challenging for potential consumers (Only 25% do). Companies that do not devote enough attention to Local Internet Marketing risk losing out on opportunity to reach new people nearby.

Importance Of Google My Business

Google My Business - CompetitionGoogle My Business has presented local small businesses with a fortunate opportunity to compete with larger companies with considerably larger budgets to take front and center.  Pay-Per-Click presents favorable first page positioning, but is only temporary and is based on a continual investment. Traditional organic search listings oftentimes takes secondary positioning to the alphabetical listing hierarchy of Google My Business. (High authority sites like Yelp or a top level domain like a .org or .gov can sometimes be found intermittently mixed in at the top).

However, as noted earlier and is worth repeating, Google My Business search results are now highly visible on mobile searches to engage potential consumers that are spending more and more time on their smartphones and tablets

Results With Google My Business

Google My Business - Get StartedCompanies throughout their areas can achieve first page results on the leading search engine today linked to their desired keyword category. As part of their local internet marketing strategy, supplying completely thorough profile information to critical high value websites, conducting competitive analysis, continual monitoring and implementing strategic online reviews, attaining first page placement with Google My Business possible.

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